Review of Coral Colours and Natural Glamour Makeup Products


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I am so so sorry I have been so MIA lately. I have been so busy trying to get into uni life and complete assignments on time, as well as work. I am finally on my mid-semester break so I will be able to post a lot more. Anyways, today I will be doing a long awaited post on my thoughts on the new line from coral colour cosmetics and natural glamour. I was so lucky to be sent these makeup goodies to sample and try as they have now become a part of my everyday makeup routine. 

Coral Colours

Coral colours is an Australian company, first launched in 1989. This company offers on-trend makeup products for an affordable price. This company also offers a wide range of makeup products for the eyes, lips, nails and face in various colours empowering and satisfying their customers. 

The Products: 


Matte Lipsticks - "01878 Blush" and "01882 Sunburst"

I was sent two of their newest lipsticks from the new matte line. These lip colours are in the shades "01878 Blush" and "01882 Sunburst". These two colours are so vibrant and are suitable for a more dramatic makeup look. Out of these two shades, my favourite is the "01878 Blush" as it matches my dark skin tone and also suitable with most monochromatic toned clothes (mostly what I own).  The "01882 Sunburst" consists of a shimmery, orangish colour. I personally am not a fan of this shade as it does not suit my skin tone, however, it would look nice for an evening look. The formula of these lipsticks is soft and silky allowing easy application on the lips. However, I would still recommend wearing a lip balm before application just to allow the lipstick to settle in well. Below are some swatches of the two colours. 

Left: "01878 Blush" to "01882 Sunburst"


Mineral Bronzer - "Sienne 13106" 

This is one of the best products I have ever tried. It is a bronzer/highlighter that adds a glow to enhance the complexion. The glow given off is soft yet enough for a natural evening look. I usually wear this as a part of my everyday makeup look because it helps brighten up my face making it more lively. I recommend wearing this with a darker bronzer on the cheekbone to help sculpture the cheekbones for a more defined look. The packaging of this is also so adorable and easy to fit in any makeup bag. The price of this is also affordable for such a high-quality product.


Mineral Foundation
Setting my foundation has been a challenge for me in the past. After receiving this mineral foundation, I have been able to keep my foundation staying on for longer. This powder can also be worn by itself if you are on the run and wanting a natural coverage. This powder is free from paraben, talc and bimuth oxychloride, which are harmful. Coral cosmetics offers 4 different shades so that variety of skin tones are able to use this product.  


Mineral Blusher - "Obsidian 13107"
This blush is the perfect mini pop of colour for the cheeks. I recommend applying this blush on the apple of the cheeks to help brighten up the face. The shade I received has some added shimmer that adds to create a glowy complexion. The formula is also smooth and silky so that it applies on the skin well. To set this blush for keep it lasting longer, I recommend using a setting spray. 

Natural Glamour

Natural glamour is an iconic Australian company that strives to provide diverse in colour, coverage and course. They have been delivering exceptional beauty products for an affordable price since they first launched. 
(Left - Right):

1) Perfecting Primer: Out of all of the primers I have previously used, this one is definitely my favourite due to the smooth and soft texture it gives. This primer is suitable for wearing before foundation for ease of application as well as to minimise any pores and keep the makeup lasting longer.  This is a must have product for anyone's makeup bag. Directions: To apply this primer, ensure that the face is clean, dried and moisturised. Press down on the application tip to release the product and rub all over the face.

2) Anti-aging foundation: Made with unique vitamins and sodium hyaluronate to counteract ageing, this foundation is soft and silky on the skin allowing for easy application. This foundation has a high coverage so it can be used as a part of daily makeup routine without the need for use of concealers.  I also love how the foundation colour matches my skin tone so it looks natural. This foundation gives a matte finished looked so that the wearer looks "on fleek". The only thing I am not a fan of about this product is the citrus smell it has.

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