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Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful time with your families. I will be reviewing some maroon-red lip liners that I have. Most of these lip liners are available at any drugstores and are affordable.

Using a lip liner is an essential part of my makeup routine. It helps provide a basic structure for my lipstick and/or lipgloss to glide on. Most of the lip liners I own are similar colours as I am obsessed with having dark red lips! 

Below are the swatches for the lip liners picture above.


 (Without Flash)

(With Flash)

The order of the swatches (From left):

  • Rimmel London (Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner) "064 Obsession"
  • BYS (Lipliner Pencil)  "13 Natural"
  • Chi Chi (Lipliner) "Bewitched"
  • Maybelline New York (Super Stay Lip Liner) "Brown"
  • NARS "Velvet Lip Liner"
  • Mac (Pro Longwear Lip Pencil) "Ms Diva"
  • NYX (Retractable Lip Liner) "MPL 05 Sienna"
  • Maybelline New York (Colour Drama) "Intense Velvet Lip Liner"


Rimmel London (Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner) "064 Obsession":
This lipliner has a soft texture and applies easily on the lips. It provides a comfortable long wear and is off a darkish pink tone. This lip liner is smudge proof which is perfect for a daily wear makeup look. The liner is well pigmented therefore, only one stroke will help provide a base for the lipstick or gloss to adhere easily. Also, the colour is perfect and goes with nearly any dark red lipstick/gloss colours. 

BYS (Lipliner Pencil)  "13 Natural":
This liner glided on the lips softly and easily. It has a perfect nude pink colour that can be used to create a natural makeup look. This lipliner is very affordable as it is around $3.50 AUD. One problem with this liner is that it is not as well pigmented and can smudge easily. But with few applications it can be used to create the nice natural look.  

Chi Chi (Lipliner) "Bewitched":
This lip liner is amazing! It glides on easily and provides a nice structure for the lipstick/lip glosses to adhere easily. It has a nice maroon/red colour that is perfect for the darker red shades. This is well pigmented and has a creamy and velvety texture. One downside is that it can be smudged if it is touched few times.  

Maybelline New York (Super Stay Lip Liner) "Brown":
Although this lipliner is named "brown" it is in fact a brick red colour! This liner needs to be applied few times for it to show up on the lips. It has a really fine pencil which is great for working along the lips to provide a nice structure for the lipstick to glide on. 

NARS "Velvet Lip Liner":
This product is absolutely amazing! I did a small review of it in my "Everyday Favourites Post: . In more detail, this lip liner is soft, smooth and velvety. It glides on easily on the lips and works well with any dark pink/red colours. It is very well pigmented and does not smudge easily, which is perfect for a long lasting makeup look. 

Mac (Pro Longwear Lip Pencil) "Ms Diva":
This is also an amazing product! It is smooth, soft and glides very nicely on the lips to provide a basic structure for the lipstick/lipgloss to glide on. The colour choice is of a dark red and is suitable for almost any dark red colours. I also use this liner for lip contouring by applying this liner on the outside and a brighter lipstick in the middle. 

NYX (Retractable Lip Liner) "MPL 05 Sienna":
This lipliner is one of my favourites! It is so amazing and is well worth the price. This liner is well pigmented however it can be smudged easily if you touch it just after application. Other than that, this liner is an absolute necessity in anyone's makeup bag. Also, I love the colour of this liner as it provides a nice medium red colour.  

Maybelline New York (Colour Drama) "Intense Velvet Lip Liner":
This is a very fun lip pencil! It is much bigger than the other lip liners/pencils that I have (as you can see from the very top image). It is very well pigmented and does not smudge of easily. However, when it does smudge, it does not fade away. This pencil liner can also be used as a substitute for lipgloss or lipstick as it is thick enough to be applied all over the lips. In this case, use a bit of lip balm to ensure the colour stays! 

Comment your favourite lipliners below :)

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