Review of NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette


The NYX Natural Eyeshadow palette consists of six natural shades. The shades go from light to dark (left to right). This palette is a must-have in any makeup bag as it can be used for any occasion. 

All of the shades are 1 gram each. The shades do not have individual names therefore, I will give some names below to help identify them and make it easier to describe them (Left to right): 

  • White Chalk: A pure white colour.  
  • Champagne sparkle: A champagne tinted colour with added shimmer.
  • Light pink: A satin-matte light pink colour. 
  • Nudey beige: A very light shimmery beige colour. 
  • Brown Sugar: A light brown colour with light shimmer. 
  • Dark chocolate: A satin-matte dark brown colour. 

Positives: The shades are perfect for a "no-makeup"/natural look. The packaging is lightweight and small which is handy to take when travelling. The price of this palette is very decent for the product as it is only $12.95 AUD. 

On the negative side: The lighter shades (white chalk, light pink and nudey beige) of the palette need to be applied few times to show up. Also, an eye primer is required to ensure that the shades stay on the eye, otherwise, the colours begin to fade. 

Overall: I definitely recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for an affordable nude eyeshadow palette. This palette is really handy to creating the perfect natural look.  

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  1. i love the color selection of this palette . it might not be the perfect one out there but it is definitely affordable and worth it.

    1. Yes!! Its a really good palette for the price :) xx


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